Harmful blue-green algae bloom in three ponds at Roger Williams Park


High levels of nutrients – from animal waste, fertilizer, etc. – wash into our rivers and streams and can degrade Rhode Island’s water quality. The RI Department of Health recently issued an advisory about harmful to humans (and pets!) blue/green algae appearing in some Rhode Island waterbodies, including Elm Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and the Japanese Gardens in Roger Williams Park.  The Providence Parks Department is addressing water quality at the Park by shepherding and installing “green infrastructure” projects that help to filter and treat “stormwater” and reduce phosphorus (nutrient) contamination. Techniques include bioretention gardens, pavement removal, infiltration basins and flumes to redirect stormwater. You too can help by not feeding the ducks or geese that congregate at the water’s edge! Learn more about green infrastructure at www.greeninfrastructureri.org


17 things to do in RWP during the summer of ’17

Although every season is enjoyable in Roger Williams Park, the summer is prime time for special events, outdoor recreation, and taking a moment to stop and smell the roses. Summer is here, and the possibilities are endless.


  1. Watch a movie under the stars. IMG_2633
  2. Take a yoga class at the Temple to Music. yoga
  3. Explore the Rose Maze at the Botanical Center.rosemaze
  4. Gaze at the stars inside the Museum of Natural History and PlanetariumIMG_3879
  5. Take a swan for a ride (or paddle). IMG_5800
  6. Find the hidden BMX Bike Park. img_4881
  7. Dine al fresco. Pick a spot, any spot. img_1029
  8. Take a walk (or run) surrounded by nature. IMG_5717-Edit
  9. RWP Popsimg_8515
  10. Take a self-guided tour and become an expert on trees, sculptures, and buildings in RWP.IMG_6939
  11. Head to Carousel Village for Food Truck Fridays.FoodTruckFriday_12
  12. Hit some tennis balls or learn how to.IMG_0393
  13. Enjoy the quintessential Rhode Island summer beverage. IMG_8302
  14. See Shakespeare in the Park at the Temple to Music. IMG_6703
  15. Get your garden on at the Comunity Garden Workshop seriesRWP_Community Garden_09122015
  16. Get lost in a book. Need a book? Borrow or trade on at the Little Free Library. IMG_5519
  17. Catch the sun setting over one of the many lakes in the Park. IMG_8046

Movies in the Park


Join the Roger Williams Park Conservancy for our first Movie in the Park of 2017! Movies will take place on the Boathouse Lawn (across from Carousel Village) at sunset following Food Truck Fridays.

Below are some tips to make the event enjoyable for all. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email info@rwpconservancy.org. We look forward to seeing you on the boathouse lawn!

1. First things first: Getting to the Boathouse Lawn
The boathouse lawn is located directly across from Carousel Village, the site of Food Truck Fridays! Download a map of the park

2. Getting a Great Seat
The movie will start at approximately 8:30 pm, but we encourage you to arrive early.

3. What to Bring
A blanket to sit on, bug spray and sunscreen. Chairs are permitted, but please set up farther back on the lawn so that the view of the screen is not obstructed for those who are sitting on the grass. The evenings are still cool, can get chilly, so you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket. Children are welcome! Please do not bring your dog to the event.

4. Food & Beverages
Bring a picnic or enjoy the fare at Food Truck Friday (5 pm – 8 pm at Carousel Village). Please remember that alcohol is prohibited at Roger Williams Park and in all Providence Parks.

5. Getting set up
When you lay out your blankets, please keep them as close together as possible and leave room for your neighbors.

6. Bathrooms
The restroom at Carousel Village (across the street) will be open for part of the event. In addition, a restroom will be available at the Dalrymple Boat House, located next to the lawn.

9. Don’t trash your Park!
Thank you for your help to keep Roger Williams Park clean! If possible, please bring a bag with you to collect your trash and bring it with you when you exit the park or place in an appropriate bin on the boat house lawn as you leave the event.

10. The End: Getting out of the Park
As you leave the park, please be courteous and obey traffic laws.

About the upcoming change in traffic patterns

A change in traffic patterns is coming to Roger Williams Park. Beginning around June 1, you’ll notice that the long loop around Cunliff and Edgewood Lakes, along Frederick C. Greene Memorial Boulevard will be a one-way greenway. The greenway will feature separate lanes for walking/bicycling, driving, and parking.

This initiative of the City of Providence, which was developed after four public meetings gathering input and approved by the Board of Park Commissioners, is intended to calm traffic, reduce traffic congestion, and provide safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Click here for FAQ’s and a map from the City.

The Conservancy has not taken a position on this change. We have heard from neighbors who are in support of the plan and neighbors who are opposed. While it has many busy city streets, we wish for our Park to be primarily a place for recreation and enjoyment. Our priority is the safety of all Park visitors.

Earth Day Clean Up at Roger Williams Park

Last weekend over 150 volunteers joined the Roger Williams Park Conservancy for the City of Providence’s Annual Earth Day Clean Up at Roger Williams Park. Neighbors, students, businesses, and families came out on a rainy (and cold!) Saturday morning to clean up trash along the trails, waterways, and roads in the Park. Mayor Elorza kicked off the citywide event at the Boathouse along with the Providence Parks Department, ServeRI, REI and WBRU.

We are so grateful to all who came out to clean up and support Roger Williams Park!

Volunteers needed to care for the newest RWP residents!

IMG_1253Roger Williams Park is looking for responsible, caring and nurturing animal lovers to spend some quality time with the newest RWP ambassadors –  our baby goats!

Three baby goats are coming to the Park this spring!  They will have the very important role of helping to control poison ivy and other invasive plant species.


Volunteers are needed to watch over the goats as they graze out in the fields.  Goat herders are needed to keep the goats safe from potential predators such as coyotes, foxes, and owls and ensure the (very curious!) goats do not get their heads stuck in the portable fencing.

Volunteers also need to pet, cuddle and talk with the goats.  They need lots of interaction with people while they are young so that they will be friendly ambassadors to Park visitors.

Walkers are needed to bring the goats to and from their barn at the Botanical Center to their grazing spot each day. The goats wake early and will be ready to get out and graze by 8:30 am and brought back to the Botanical Center by 3 pm.  The goats will be able to walk on a leash.

If you are interested in caring for the newest resident of Roger Williams Park, download and submit the GOAT_Volunteer Application by Friday, May 11.

For more information please contact Lesley Lambert at Llambert@providenceri.gov